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“Perfect and simple. You can manage every word everywhere. A great tool for writers!” — Luís Mestre

“It helps in cutting off distractions, and managing documents is easy.”
Deepankar Goswami

9 Reasons to Love Typen

Write distraction-free in a simple, online
plain-text editor on your web browser

Export any text or groups of texts as
PDF, DOC, HTML or TXT files

Track the number of text characters,
words, lines, reading time, and more

Change the look of theme background,
font and color with one click, any time

Mark any text with a colored dot, e.g.
to know what you’re currently writing

Find any text, group, or project using
a smart, instant, as-you-type search

Share your writings with anyone to any
device, using only a short web link (URL)

A Little Cloud by James Joyce
The Valley of Spiders by H. G. Wells
A Haunted House by Virginia Woolf
Parting by Charlotte Bronte

Text is constantly saved in Version History
and all edits can be accessed in one click

Go fullscreen to turn your computer
into a true, distract-free typewriter

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